Thursday, 3 February 2011

on not knowing when to stop

nut tea woodburning 1

So this is how it is now.

squirrel nut tea before

And this is how it was when I should have probably stopped.

I don’t know, what do you think?

I just can’t seem to stop tweaking things sometimes and then eventually I forget where I started from.

nut tea woodburning 2

I think I just wanted it to look older and a bit worn and not so pristine. Not sure if I succeeded or not without ruining it.

nut tea woodburning 3

Anyway, these two squirrels are enjoying a cup of nut tea on a huge fly agaric mushroom! I used another piece of English sycamore for the wood burning, it’s a large key ring.

I got a bit het up before when I was reading the news. The pope’s visit last year cost the taxpayer £10m, this was for just a few days. Apparently that is around about the same amount it costs the government (after timber sales) to look after the forests for a whole year. No disrespect, but I know which I would rather have.

If you haven’t already signed the petition to stop the government selling our public forests, please sign it here. You can also email your MP. The website makes it really easy to do and call me sad but it’s quite exciting to get a fancy letter through your door with ‘House of Commons’ embossed on the envelope (not cutting the stationery budget then?).

Right, feeling much calmer now, which is good considering I’m about to get hold of that pyrography machine again!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

ablsolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lesley, this time I think you were right to carry on as it does indeed give it a lovely 'antique' look and the grass somehow looked unfinished before. Looking forward to whatever comes next!


I agree, the mid-way version is lovely, but the final version is just gorgeous - love the way it has come out!
You're so multi-talented, Lesley!!!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks more authentic the final way I think! Great design, have always loved what we can do with wood. So versatile, clever old stick aren't you?!!!!

caravanartist said...

Lovely squirrels! I do like your blog which I found through Vintage Squirrel. ( as you found mine!)

April said...

OH OH!!! NO YOU kept going and it is even MORE MARVELOUS!!!! You did not ruin it at all- YOU made it MORE enchanting!!!! Oh I would LOVE to be there having tea with them! This is Marvelous!!! First time to your Blog and I am in love!!!
Do you sell such treasures???

Lesley said...

Thank you, so glad none of you think I've ruined it.

Also a big hello to Caravan Artist and April, it's lovely to *meet* you!

Anonymous said...

All phases of the Squirrel Tea are adorable!