Wednesday, 2 February 2011

a magical place

llandwyn lighthouse
On Sunday we spent a few tranquil but freezing cold hours on Llanddwyn Island (also known as lover’s island) on Anglesey. It’s a really special place and when you’re there you feel like you’re a million miles away from civilisation.
llandwyn pilot houses

These tiny cottages used to be where the lighthouse keeper lived, I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Now they are all empty and one houses an exhibition of the island.
llandwyn cross
This is a very ancient, spiritual place. The view across the sea to the mountains of Snowdonia is really beautiful and the light is ever changing.
llandwyn pony 1
The only residents are the ponies who keep the grass down.
lesley & floss on llandwyn

A really lovely place to be.
Strangely, I turned the TV on last night and there was a film on called Half Light with Demi Moore in it. She was standing in a red and white lighthouse and I said to Mr P that looks just like Llanddwyn but with a red and white lighthouse superimposed on it, and sure enough it was.


Anonymous said...

what lovely photos Lesley, Anglesey is not a place I have ever been so thanks for giving us a flavour of it! Floss is looking so pretty - if you ever want to breed from her, I'm sure she and Porridge would produce gorgeous puppies.
K x

Magic Bean said...

Those wee cottages are so beautiful. And I like Squirrel's idea about puppies- Florridge. Or Possie. Ax

andamento said...

Beautiful photographs, it looks a magical place.


Spectacular - really, really spectacular! Never heard of it before! What stunning photos you took too.
I would so like to go there, reminds me of Brittany and the Hebrides too. Gosh, I really would quite fancy living in one of those cottages!

Lesley said...

Katie, that is such a wonderful idea. Really lovely of you to suggest it, we're really touched. They would have been very beautiful puppies indeed! Unfortunately Floss has been neutered and there is also another sad reason we would never have been able to breed from her, she has very mild hip dysplasia. We are currently visiting the physio every couple of weeks to learn how to change our lifestyles to stop it getting worse. Floss is a little trooper and it doesn't seem to affect her too much at the moment. x

Anonymous said...

Hello stranger! I is back now, albeit under a different name ;) we now have access to the internet HOORAR! How are the knitted rude gloves?!!!! Hello Na' btw! Will be visiting you next ;) xxx

Lesley said...

Blimey!! Hello!! How lovely to hear from you! The naughty gloves are still going strong thanks! Hope you're starting a new blog, will investigate now!! x

Handmade in Israel said...

What an amazing place! I am sure you had a fabulous day out.