Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Raindrops - Lino Print

Spot the difference:

I forgot to make the number a mirror image! Doh!! So I completely removed it from the lino. It's too late now but I think I prefer the original print. :-( That's what you get for working until 4 in the morning!
Oh well, at least I have the proof to keep. I think I will put it in the bathroom in a white frame. It is just the right colour.

Last weekend was great. We went to see James at the Manchester Arena. To say they were good would be an injustice. Ah, those songs take me back to my school days. The atmosphere was electric. Can anybody dance like Tim Booth? It's the only concert I've been to where everyone has been standing and singing along, even right at the top where you feel like you could fall out of the stand it's so steep. Wish I had some photos to show you. Instead you will have to make do with flowers from my garden.

There's a bit of a pink theme going on at the moment.

I love the bleeding heart plant. My mum bought it for me last year. :-)

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