Thursday, 10 May 2007

A very eventful day...

So I was found out! Thanks for the birthday greetings!

I was very surprised that anyone worked out when it was. :-)

Here I am at P's mum's house cutting the first birthday cake anyone has given me in a long time. Heehee! Not the best photo of me ever taken... I think I look a bit deranged with that grin and a knife in my hand!

Having a birthday cake was so nice! It made me feel really special. A big thank you to P's mum who was already really busy with her son's wedding on the same day.

P also made me some fairy cakes which was a really lovely and very tasty surprise!

I have to slip a few photos in of the wedding. This is the groom about 10 mins before the ceremony. He looks remarkably calm don't you think?!

And the happy couple after signing the register.

After all the photos had been taken we headed on to Ruthin Castle Hotel where there were some very moving speeches and one very risque one by the best man which made a few of the older guests wince a bit. It was fun watching people's faces ;-)

Later on P entertained everyone with his very 'expressive' dancing. I only had 1 person come up to me to ask how I put up with him. It's usually much more!

Now you know why we're taking dancing lessons!! ;-)

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