Monday, 21 May 2007

The green post

I was really excited the other day when this delivery arrived from CAT in Wales.

'What on earth is it?' you ask...

It's my new compost bins!!! Hurray!!

I bet no one has ever been sooo excited by compost bins before! I am over the moon because for ages I have been sending all the garden waste off for recycling by the council and putting the kitchen peelings and whatnot in the bin, but now I can make it all into lovely compost for the garden instead!

They were sooo easy to put together too. They just slotted together... no hammering of nails or messing around with screwdrivers. Just the feeling of satisfaction you get when you've made something!!

Who knew a compost bin could look so beautiful!! :-)

So we immediately started filling it. Delia's Kitchen Garden book recommends putting small woody branches at the bottom to keep it aerated, then a layer of brown waste...

Then a layer of green waste... never before have I been so eager to mow the lawn!

We're building it up in layers like a big cake. :-) We've also added chopped, soaked straw, horse manure and herbaceous prunings. I had a peek this morning and there were already some compost creatures roaming around in there.

As this is the green post I thought I'd share a few other acquisitions that are greening up our home. I know they look like little planets but they're Eco Balls to replace the washing powder. They work by ionising the water which cleans your clothes without any nasty chemicals. They work too! Not only that it says that they last for up to 1000 washes! I'd just like to mention that I am in no way connected to this company... I'm just really pleased with my little planets!

Same goes for our kettle. It's called an Eco Kettle. You put your water in, press a button and end up boiling just the right amount of water. It's great! A fast boiler too. Saves so much time, water and energy. According to the website on average people boil twice the amount of water they need to and with a 3w kettle this amounts to wasting the energy of about 50 light bulbs!

I'm certainly no angel but when things need replacing I think it's worth thinking about the environment. I'm looking forward to choosing new appliances for the kitchen when we change it. Especially the fridge freezer. I think I'm right in thinking that they are the most energy guzzling out of all the appliances? Ours is off the ark so it will be satisfying to replace it.

P.s. Somebody has been asking about our dancing classes... I will have to spill the beans in a separate post. Hopefully I can get hold of some photos!

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