Thursday, 28 May 2009

Can you guess where I've been the last couple of weeks?

I'll give you a few clues...


There's a naked man on this one if you look closely!! ;-)

Finally... a white cross on a black flag.

Have you guessed?


nadia said...

CORNWALL!!! JEALOUS!!!! MORE STORIES! MORE PHOTOS!!! (...warn me in advance if there are any more of the naked man, i shall avert my vision! hahaha!
good to have you back, looks like you had a fab time!!

Manda Ward said...

Hey BirdAhoy - don't want to add to any post holiday blues, but I'm here all the time (in Cornwall) because I was born & bred here - and IT'S BLOODY FANTASTIC!

this is my patch said...

Two firm favourites of mine. Cream teas and Cornwall. x

Lesley said...

Hi Louise, Yes, delicious and fab, and in combination... knock out!

Manda... that's just not fair. Now I'm jealous!!! I wish we lived there. Maybe one day!!

Nadia, I've been wondering if anyone has clicked on the photo to enlarge it ahem!! ;-) I'm sure you wouldn't have. Mr P spotted him through the binoculars :-)