Tuesday, 12 May 2009

little onion pot

A birthday present from my mum and dad. I fell in love with him when we visited an antique centre months and months ago, and they remembered and went back for him :-) I have a thing about making objects into little characters. I really want to play with some of these from paperchase. I am always seeing faces in things.

Tomorrow I am off on an adventure. So I'm signing off for a while but I will be back with tales to tell hopefully. Bye for now!


nadia said...

love the onion pot! and it looks like you're going to be having lots of funny with the stick-on face bits too!
my mum has a clock in the living room which she's had since i was about four. all my life when i look at it (just that particular clock, not all clocks) i see various faces which change with the different times shown by its hands. there. does that make me strange? :) i'm glad to see that other people see faces in things too!
enjoy your adventure tomorrow whatever you're up to, look forward to hearing the stories!

louise said...

Love those faces. I'd really like to stick them on everything at work, including my colleagues! Your onion pot has so much character and looks just the part on the shelf. x

Simply Vintagegirl said...

Thank you for entering my giveaway! :)

Oh, and I added your shop to my favorites on Etsy. :D