Wednesday, 6 January 2010

bursting with winter beauty

I can't remember having this much snow since one winter when I was little and I rolled snowballs down the street to make a giant snowman.

I'm so glad we ventured out today. Everywhere was completely transformed.

Like a breath of fresh air, like visiting a brand new place.

All sparkling and pristine in the sunlight.

Floss and I walked until we were completely caked in snow. Sometimes it is so worth making the effort.

Happy new year everyone! May it be a wonderful year full of love, joy, inspiration, creativity and happiness!


nadia said...

Happy New Year to you too! It sounds spectacular over there in the UK! Wow, all that snow! I too just remember a couple of winters when I was a child in Yorkshire with such great servings of snow!

Here we've not had too much snow where we live, but the other day there was a strange phenomenon of freezing rain which made all the trees become sparkling frozen crystal! It was totally enchanting but unfortunately did lots of damage to the trees.

Do post up more photos, these were luscious!

Have fun!

Lesley said...

Freezing rain sounds amazing! Although wouldn't want to be caught out in it! Did you get any photos?

nadia said...

Heehee, no, no photos! I couldn't believe it! After 5 months, I get the camera back, only to forget to take it out with us! Agh! There were elderly people saying they've never seen anything like it in their lifetime, and I didn't have the camera!

Still, I'll not be forgetting it in a hurry, just wish I could share the pics too!