Sunday, 24 January 2010

Floss bags her first fell

Yesterday we decided we needed some fresh air and a change of scenery so we went to the Lake District. Halfway up Catbells it became apparent that it's far better to have 4 legs than 2! The view was worth it though, you can see in every direction for miles as you walk along the ridge.

Then Floss decided to chase some sheep. Within a couple of minutes she was tiny at the bottom of the fell, the whistle had no effect and we were furious. Luckily for us there was no farmer around to shoot her. They were much faster than her but from now on she will always be on the lead when ever there's temptation. It's a shame as it's the first time she's ever shown any interest other than wagging her tail at them. Bad dog.

Here's our little terror at the top. I think i
t's safe to say that we won't be going back to Catbells!

Back soon with a new pebble to show you. Bye for now.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures of Cat Bells in the Lake District, one of my favorite places on earth.
And your moo cards too, I always wondered about those, and good to see how happy you are with them, they are very nice.

Lesley said...

Thanks! They're easy to do to. You can ask Moo to take photos from your etsy shop if you wish and then edit through them or upload them straight from your pc. Very handy!
The Lake District is a very beautiful part of the world, feel so lucky to live within a couple of hours of it.

Nancy*McKay said...

Thank you for visiting I can follow you...from across the ocean...& join your wonderful travels...and marvel at your beautiful art...visit your Etsy shop...not to mention KISS that gorgeous pup of will much color & inspiration...into my world...i thank you...veryVERYvery much...your posts are lovely!

Lesley said...

Thanks :-) Nice to meet you :-)