Wednesday, 27 January 2010

mini moo love

So excited to receive a new box of moo cards this morning! I love the new style cardboard box, much better than the old plastic one, and prettier too.
And the tiny index cards!! Very cute and a great idea for keeping the best ones separate!

And now you can upload your own design for the back of the cards they're even more versatile! I chose to add another little photo to the back and keep the typeface the same as my shop and blog header. I do love them, I think it's genius being able to have a different photo on each card if you wish.

Now, back to work I must go or Floss won't get her walk in the forest.


Nancy*McKay said...

...THANK YOU for this post...i'm thrilled you showed me what MOO can do & is exactly what i get things started...

Lesley said...

Oh go for it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed :-)