Tuesday, 26 January 2010

new fishing boat pebble

A little fishing boat chugging through the choppy waves. Click on the picture for more details. I've always loved boats in all shapes and sizes... now what to do next? I lost my sketchbook a few days ago and have been tormenting myself with the thought that Floss might have buried it in the garden! It has all my ideas and lists inside, sketches, doodles and drawings of this and that. Of course it turned up somewhere that I had checked at least 5 times. So relieved to have it back! :-)


nadia said...

Crikey, I'm so dumb sometimes! I forgot to update my thing on the blog and so I wasn't seeing your updates because I still had your other place listed!!
I've been missing out on so much! Everything looks very exciting!

Unfortunately it's time for bed, exams tomorrow, but over the next few days I'll be back to see what I've been missing out on! 'Hope you found your sketchbook!!!

Nadia x

Lesley said...

That reminds me... when I added your blog to my blog list it said it couldn't find the rss feed or something along those lines so it doesn't show when shadows and clouds is updated. Do you need to turn it on or something in your settings? I'm not entirely sure how these things work but I thought you'd like to know. x