Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Memories of summer

I found this pebble I'd carved at the bottom of my pebble bowl. I'd completely forgotten about it. It took me right back to sitting on the bench in the sunshine next to the strawberry plants, choosing a blossom to carve. I engraved the pebble right there in the garden. It's hard to imagine sitting out there in just a t-shirt at the moment. We had more snow a couple of days ago and it's still lingering!

I've been meaning to do this necklace design for a while! Sometimes they go round and round in my head until I put them down on paper or engrave them. As always, click on the pictures for more details.

Thanks for all your suggestions for names for my mannequin so far. It's been great fun reading them all. Still 6 days to go if you haven't entered the giveaway yet. Good luck!


louise said...

Looking out at my strawberry plants, they are greening up, so Summer isn't long away! x

Lesley said...

It's such a relief to see the buds waiting to open isn't it. The winter has felt so long. x