Monday, 15 February 2010

tea for my valentine

I organised a surprise lunch for Mr P yesterday while he was out. I've never whizzed round the kitchen so fast (though I made some of it in advance to hide away in secret spots around the house) and I had fun making it look special, my mum lent me a gorgeous tea set to make it all perfect, I hung up some bunting, lots of heart shaped food. I'm not sure who got the most enjoyment out of it, me or Mr P.

Hope you had a good weekend, whatever you did, if you celebrated or not.


nadia said...

How lovely and romantic!!! That's really all very lush looking too! You could open a little tea-room by the looks of it! Crafts and tea and lots of cake, it'de be bliss!

Lesley said...

That sounds like my kind of place! A craft tea-room! What a fab idea! You should have seen the kitchen, it looked like there had been a cooking explosion! I think I would get closed down :-D

Nancy*McKay said...

...GOODNESS...comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, icings & cakes, cups & tea...oh how i wish you were MINE!!!

Lesley said...

Lol! I'll let Mr P know he's got competition ;-)

CrowNology said...

How sweet.
It looks perfect.