Thursday, 4 February 2010

weekend wandering

Pictures from our amble through the countryside.
The walk included:
  • Friendly, inquisitive sheep much to Flossie's delight.
  • Floss being a good girl and not chasing any sheep, which might have had something to do with her being on the lead but all the same!
  • A glorious sighting of Mr Fox. I did get a photo but it was rather blurry although good enough to use as a reference for making a design.
  • Happening upon an ENORMOUS tree and the discovery that it was hollow and big enough to hide inside. How old must it be?
  • Floss falling through some ice, shallow but deep enough to give her a good shock. Now she stays away.
  • Watching and listening as a gaggle of geese flew round and round the lake.
  • A steep climb with a stunning view over the Cheshire plain and a beautiful sunset.
Ah I do love to play with my camera. I've become slightly obsessed with light I think.

Speaking of obsession I've been reading Twilight. I heard so much about it that I wanted to experience it for myself. Well I'm about halfway through I think, and this isn't going to win me any popularity contests, but I'm just not that enamoured by the characters and am finding it a little bit slow. It's aimed at a young age group (not that I've grown up yet!) so I'm not complaining. I joked with Mr P that the next DVD rental to pop through the letterbox would be Twilight because I hadn't finished the book and guess what... yep... I think I must have tempted fate. I've just watched it! And for the first time I have loved a film more than the book it's based on.

Good night all, I'm off to bed to dream of vampires.


driftwood said...

twilight is our next book club book, we thought we ought to find out what all the teenagers were raving about. I've heard the film is fantastic so I'll look out for it.

Lesley said...

I'd love to hear what you make of the book compared to the film. The acting was superb I thought.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

All that tree needs is a little door, and you'd have youself a vacation home. Those pictures are stunning, and your dog is so very sweet.

Lesley said...

Thank you :-)
I think you could definitely have a pot of tea and a slice of cake in there. I've been collecting photos of 'doors' & 'windows' in trees for a couple of months :-)