Wednesday, 6 June 2007

An adventure into Wales

Sorry for the delay in posting but I've been on an adventure and taken so many photos that it's taking a long time to decide which ones to post!

We drove through Snowdonia to the sea...

Where we had a quick pit stop at Aberystwth for some fish and chips while the sun was starting to go down.

When we finally made it to Castle Morris in Pembrokeshire we were so happy with the holiday cottage. It was called Ty Moch Bach which I've been told by a flickr friend means 'Little Pig House'.

So now I know why there was a bacon press in there! Poor little piggies.

See those wooden beams in the lounge? One day we were surprised to find a swallow perched on one of them! It had flown in through the skylight and was sat looking at us. So very cute! Close up the colours were beautiful... blues and reds. I wish I had got a photo but we thought it best to leave it be so as not to distress it. It flew out soon after.

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